Brutal Amateur MMA TKO Win

This brutal ground and pound attack comes courtesy of the amateur MMA group Dragon House and their Dragon House 5 event. Carlos Chavez gets Essel Magat down and brutalizes him on the ground with some vicious strikes to earn a TKO win at Dragon House.

Brutal Boxing Alberto Machado KO over Alvin Torres

Check out this super featherweight knock out featuring Alberto Machado. Machado is currently undefeated, winning all but two of his fights by either KO or TKO. This brutal knockout to Alvin Torres comes in the second round.

UFC Top 20 KOs Video Compilation

The UFC have posted a video up on its YouTube channel chronicling the best 20 knockouts in Ultimate Fighting Championship History up to 2013. Anderson Silva’s memorable kick to Vitor Belfort’s face from UFC 126 tops the list.

Carlos DeLeon Jr. Nasty KO Win

Super Middleweight boxer Carlos DeLeon Jr. displayed a brutal attack against David Gogichaishvili at the HSBC Arena Buffalo back in 2003. A sixth round KO won the fight for DeLeon and was just one of 14 KO wins thus far in his eight-year professional boxing career.

50 Greatest Boxing Knockouts Comp Video

Check out this exciting compilation of arguably the 50 greatest knockout victories in professional boxing history. Muhammad Ali, Sugar Ray Leonard, Micky Ward, Joe Frazier, Primo Carnera, Marvin Hagler, Floyd Patterson, Jack Dempsey and more boxing legends are highlighted in this brutal collection.

Deontay Wilder Flash Boxing KO

Check out this beautiful flash knockout courtesy of Showtime Sports. Deontay Wilder floors Malik Scott with a picture-perfect right hand in the first round in just over 90 seconds. Don’t blink or you’ll miss this stunning knockout.

Collection Of 100 MMA KO’s

This compilation comes from Inside the Cage as the television show takes a look at 100 MMA knockouts. The compilation features MMA KO’s from amateur and professional mixed-martial arts promotions from around the world. Over 22 minutes of KO’s in this fantastic collection.

Kimbo Slice Fast Boxing KO

Former YouTube sensation and UFC slugger Kimbo Slice makes his boxing debut and comes out swinging. Slice takes on James Wade in a 2011 bout that lasts all of one round. James needs to keep moving but the only place he is going is the ground.

Alistair Overeem Brutalizes Kazuyuki Fujita

Check out this legendary KO from former MMA and K1 champion Alistair Overeerm. Overeem nails a beautiful yet brutal knee to Kazuyuki Fujita at Dynamite!! 2009 for the big win. This footage not only includes the vicous knee but also includes backstage footage and different camera views of this legendary KO.

40-year Old Doctor Delivers Brutal MMA Knockout

This MMA video comes courtesy of the URCC. URCC lightweight champion at the time Angelito Manguray is not only a murderous kickboxer but he is also a practicing doctor.

Andrei Arlovski Head Kick KO

Former UFC heavyweight champion Andrei Arlovski has been on both ends of highlight MMA knockouts. This one went in Arlovski’s favor as he showcased a beautiful head kick at the expense of Travis Fulton. This fight comes from Pro Elite 2’s Big Guns back in November of 2011.

Mike Tyson KO’s Victim #4

Iron Mike Tyson had plenty of knockouts on his way to the heavyweight championship. This brutal KO came in Tyson’s 4th pro bout against heavyweight Ricardo Spain. Tyson shuts the lights out on Spain after a vicious set of hooks. This first round knockout is just one of the best from one of boxing’s heaviest hitters.

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