Alistair Overeem Brutalizes Kazuyuki Fujita

Check out this legendary KO from former MMA and K1 champion Alistair Overeerm. Overeem nails a beautiful yet brutal knee to Kazuyuki Fujita at Dynamite!! 2009 for the big win. This footage not only includes the vicous knee but also includes backstage footage and different camera views of this legendary KO.

Stefan Leko KO’s Peter Aerts With Brutal Punch

K1 legend Peter Aerts has dazzled kickboxing fans with some of the flashiest knockouts in combat sports history, unfortunately Aerts has also been on the receiving end of some devastating punches. Stefan Leko had Aerts’ number and delivers a brutal KO in the 2001 K-1 World Grand Prix final fight.

Extreme Kicboxing Knockout Compilation Video

Check out this compilation of some of the most brutal knockouts from the sport of kickboxing. This compilation features both professional and amateur kickboxing competitions.

Bob Sapp KOs Kimo at K-1 World Grand Prix 2003

Bob Sapp is one of the most entertaining and scary individuals you will ever see walk into a kickboxing ring. Check out this video featuring Sapp and former UFC star Kimo Leopoldo from the 2003 K-1 World Grand-Prix tournament.

Steve Superkick Vick Brutal KO Kickboxing Highlights

Decorated Taekwondo world champion Steve Superkick Vick possesses one of the most lethal kicks in all of kick boxing. Check out some of these exciting highlights featuring Vick’s brutal KO’s that left victims lying in kickboxing rings around the world.